Monday, September 13, 2010

Project Runway - What's Mine Is Yours- Sept. 9, 2010

So after missing the show last week due to my DVR dying thanks to fried cables, I am back to business! I have Verizon Fios now, and not only does it carry Lifetime on demand, I also seems it's on HD, yey! I'm happy about seeing that much more of the details on the designs.

Of course everyone is bitter that Michael Costello won 2 challenges, meanwhile whether not he's the best designer, he's really working well under pressure, using his skill set to the best of his abilities, and besides it's what the judges have liked, there’s nothing they can do about that! The other designers need to stop complaining and hating on him and just do your thing! We all know from past seasons, if someone is lacking talent, chances are they will be gone eventually. They are wasting all their energy on this! By the way, was Heidi wearing silk pajamas at the start of the show? You tell me…
Heidi came straight from bed!
The challenge this episode was resort wear with a twist, they worked with a partner who had to actually make their design. I really don't go away too often, so the extend of my knowledge about resort wear it's visiting Banana Republic during the month of February and seeing lots of khaki stuff with sailor shirts and some reds here and there, the resort wear I have seen reminds me of 4th of July colors.  Going back to the show, let's thank Mondo for giving me a mental picture of him walking around in his underwear...not. Although he was wearing shorts during this episode so I don’t think that was too far from the undies image.

Sexy Mondo
The inspiration seemed to be soo much fun, going on the yacht, I'm sure the mimosas made it even better. Right away April says she's going to design something black...NOT surprised at all! I actually really like her personality, she seems like a very nice girl, but good lord, must every single thing she does be black? With studs? Well there was that time she created the "diaper" so maybe black its better after all!

Mimosas!  I feel like going to brunch now...

So Michael D. who I also like... is it just me or it's the tone of his voice a little high sometimes, it drives me nuts, no major deal though, he seems really talented and just a peaceful cool vibe kind person you know.  After seeing how he handled himself and Ivy in this episode I have respect for him.  I wish he would have believed in himself more in this challenge.

Ivy trying to Kill Michael D. with her eyes!
I'm also not surprised that Ivy gravitated towards light colors; everything she has made from the start of the competition has been such a snooze! And can we talk about the fact that she's soooo mean! Gosh what a horrible way to carry on, I don't care if you’re in a competition, I understand you don't have to help anyone and I accept that, but to be horribly mean just for the hell of it, I hate that! I mean she's not even that good! She has not wowed me or the judges at all!! At least Gretchen it's talented, but Ivy sucks!! She’s mean and her stuff it's boring. She also likes to prey on the weak! Can you tell I feel a bit strong about this? Ivy looking over Michael D when he was sewing her about breathing fire!!! His confidence was shot thanks to her. How about when she told the model not to worry about her hair, such attitude! I have not doubt (and hope) that she’s eliminated soon.

Oh lord, team challenge! They are my least favorite but I know it's a necessary evil in this show and it gives them some experience on working with other people. As long they don't have 8 out of 10 episodes a season I’m ok, 2 or 3 group challenges per season, it’s sufficient.

Mondo has become one of my favorites; I think he's really talented; I have loved ALL his designs. You know he kept it real with Michael C. He told him straight to his face how he felt about him being his partner in this challenge. I appreciated that part, the part where he bitched and moaned to the others, not so much..I just feel that he needed to channel that energy to assisting Michael C. since he was so worried, just saying...and as I kept watching it seems that he did just that! How much do I actually love him now, after he apologized to Michael C. and realized he just needed to give him a little bit of guidance. Glad they worked it out! They were hugging by the end of the show.  I also can't help but picture Mondo as a cartoon character or comic strip, I think it's his hair...It's Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, so it's Mondo, designer genious!

Michael Kors did the critiques on this episode and that was awesome for the designers, not only because it was related to the challenge but also because he told them what the judges want to see on the runway. All they had to do was listen to the man in black and really take in what he says, his visit was super helpful. On another note, I could only imagine if you want to be a successful designer how great would it be to be able to pick Michael Kors head, I mean he represents fashion Americana. I thought that was super cool.
Michael Kors advising the designers

Valerie is my other favorite, I think she has great ideas and really pulls them through for the runway, they need to give her props, they have not given her a win yet! That was a tender moment she shared with her mom, it's always so great if you are in trouble or need advice to pick up the phone and call mom. These moments are great and relatable; this is when I start rooting for them, when you see the pressure getting to them. I think: you can do it girl!

On to the runway, guest judging was Veronica Mars, I mean Kristen Bell, hmmm, how do I say this without sounding too critical? I know I am not the fashion police but, I look at magazines, I read blogs, what I’m trying to say is; I don't really see how she's that qualified to judge on this show. I don't really think she’s' known for her fashion forward sense of style... I mean it's not like she's a Jessica Alba, or a Leighton Meister, or Olivia Palermo, etc… that's what I mean, they take risks and are known for their daring sense of style.  Also her fringed look was not my favorite.

But I digress; here goes what I think about the designs:

Andy's design was my favorite, you could see that in Vogue magazine as you are flipping through the first 50 pages of advertisements, the fabric was a bit wrinkled, I'm not sure if it was meant to be that way.  You can wear it to the beach and then go to eat dinner right by the water wearing the same thing. Loves it!

Next, April's design, the judges liked it so much it was the winner, I think she did really well for the challenge and I'm glad she had her moment but it wasn't my favorite and for some reason I didn't think of resort when I saw it, but then again what do I know...

Below it's Casanova's Design, Which I thought wasn't bad, the only problem was that it was not resort.  He ended up being the looser and leaving.  I'm going to miss Casanova, he was a character, but loveable.  Unfortunately in almost all the challenges he went the opposite long Casanova!


Christopher's design did not have any major faults, but there was nothing impressive about it either.  It reminded me of something I could get in JC Penney, not that there's anything wrong with that but I don't think the judges were looking for Penney chick...


Next, Gretchen and her 2 favorite colors together, beige and maroon!  the same exact colors she used in the loosing design a couple of weeks ago.  I think she's trying to prove a point.  I thought it was a nice idea, for some reason I saw a pouch on the model, but that can be the construction.  It was just ok.


Oh My God, Ivy kept blaming Michael D. for her horrible design, she called it when she said statue of liberty!  Poor Michael D. she basically said all he knows how to make it's tents, barely.  I was really glad the judges saw through her BS.  It was horrendous, but see for yourself:


The next design was Michael C's.  What can I say, it's not bad, a little bit Saturday Night Fever meets Kimora Lee Simmons.

Next it's Michal D's.  This was actually my second favorite design, unlike April's dress, although this is black it's very beachy, and islandy you know.  the linen fabric, the neckline, the beading, the cord around the waist, it was beautiful and fun. He has really surprised me this season, I like his work after I thought I wasnt going to, you know he's into knits and I figured he was going to do sweater dresses all season...


Mondo did not pull through in this episode as we can see per the picture below, you know everyone has a bad day and in this case it was a bad episode. But I love him still and I know this will be behind him next week.


Valerie's it's the last design and I'm sorry it was not my favorite, it could be the fact that Andy was the one who made it.  Something was off, the crotch and pleating were sketchy.  Something/s felt wrong about it.


Overall good episode, I wish they would have sent Ivy home, I'm going to have to put up with her again, but hopefully not for long.  In a way I was glad, poor Michael D. would have felt so guilty for her departure and she would have used that as an excuse for her exit.  No, friends, I want her to go on her own horrible design accord.

It's a bit strange to have 90 minute episodes, and I think the time it's taken by showing the contestants at home, their interactions seem awkward sometimes.  Can't wait for next week!!


  1. WHY, WHY, WHY get rid of Casanova & not Ivy. I am totally over her and her smart comments, sick & tired of her voice. Give Me DE REMOTE, so I can MUTE her A*)!!!

  2. I love this post. I missed the last half hour b/c Jersey Shore starts at 9pm. I DVR it but who has time to watch all the stuff in their DVR? Anyway, Ivy needs to go. She is a jerk. So sad to see Casanova leave. I liked his design. Ivy's was terrible.

  3. Ivy needs to go and she probably will sooner than later. I liked most of the designs although i wish april and michael D's would've had color. something beachy. or at least the bottom layer or something. Then again i'm not a designer. although i am sure i would be better than ivy she's super lame.
    i think valerie's design was cute and wearable but i hated the pattern and color. And I definitely like mondo's hairstyles better than those shorts he wore and his design. LOL

  4. I finally got a chance to watch this episode and agree with everyone's comments. I don't know why they didn't send Ivy home several episodes ago.