Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dancing with the Stars - FIRST EPISODE OF THE SEASON!!

I'm so excited to have Dancing With the Stars again!  I have so much fun watching people try and the dancing, it's just pure guilty pleasure.  Let's start with the obvious, Brooke's dress looked like it was painted on her, she has a great figure and I see the show will be featuring it this season, this woman looks good in anything though...


Oh my God, Audrina Partridge...I'm still asking myself why is this girl here but moving on.  I agree with my favorite blog,  she does have ceiling eyes! take a look at the pic below and judge for yourself.  At least poor Tony has a dance partner who's seems to be excited and willing to work hard, energetic and she's super cute you can't deny that. She probably felt very comfortable since dancers already use a ton of tanning  just like she does...Not bad for the first time, she was doing the moves well, but was missing the flavor, needed more hip action in my opinion, but you she's young, beautiful, showing some curves, solid start but needs to really get into it.  Bruno agrees with me!

SCORE: 19 out of 30

She does seem to be looking up...


If your read my last DWTS post you know I was not familiar with this guy. Now I am! pretty handsome, cute wife, they seem to be building their own football team with all those kids!  I mean 7, are they competing with the Duggars !  I hope Kurt knows what's in for him, working with Anna seems tough, but at least she's not a B-I-T-C-H like Cheryl sometimes comes across when dealing with her stars.   I like this guy seems down to earth, and was moving really good for his first time, he had rhythm, good timing. I believe he can go far in this competition, listen to me, the professional (Well I am a professional wathcher of this competition)...I thought it was soo cute when he went to kiss his wife after the dance, nice to know love still exist after a gazillion kids. Len hated it, but he can be hard on people sometimes, except if they're blond and leggy, then he will probably like that couple. 

The Duggars, 19 kids and counting


Also just a note, Anna's dresses are my favorite, you could totally wear that out, not just for dancing you know.

.SCORE: 19 out of 30


Next was Disney star Kyle Massey, they described him as a rapper, I never heard him rap...But first things first, can we talk about Lacey's blond hair, no girl!   She looks beautiful and unique as a brunette, she looks generic and processed as a blond.  Hopefully she will change it soon.  I love her though, she's seems to be so much fun, and she comes from So You Think You Can Dance which it's my other favorite! Her Chin, Chin Dance with Danny was, to me, the best ever on the show! It's below just in case you want to see it, it's not the best video but you will get an idea. Back to Kyle, this kid could move!  I loved it, his personality, his dancing, I think he was tying to do some Michael Jackson too.  Great job, he was my favorite of the night! Just an aside, my husband thinks Kyle's voice sounds like Ben Vereen...I'm going to have to agree.  

.SCORE: 23 out of 30


This guy was good too!  I mean he was suave and and definitely got swagger, Carry Ann I feel you girl.  I hope he can do just as well in the fast dances. Sometimes there's some guys that are great at slow at slow dancing, cause you know, they have experience with that sort of thing, if you know what I mean, specially this guy, you know he's had girls drop their panties for him after a slow dance..sorry if that was too graphic...

How cute was his little girlfriend in the audience, standing by her man, she was like: show them your moves baby!  Every time I see her I think of "Bring it On".  I love that movie, I'm sure she's done more,  but that's all I can remember.  They seem like such a random couple, you don't really see them matching, but it works for them.


I know I said that Cheryl can be a B*** before, but don't get me wrong, the woman knows what she's doing and gets results.  I think that's the reason she almost always gets the sports guys, you know she can be tough on them like a coach and they listen.  Sometimes you need that extra push to do great you know, if my trainer was nicer maybe I would still be 10 pounds heavier...just saying.

SCORE: 22 out of 30


Yes Brandi, I agree with you, he is freaking hot!  Her dance was just okay for me, but she seems to be really into it, the judges like it and then they had to go show and show Ray J in the audience and all I could think was the sex tape with Kim K (Not that I've seen it...)  He's just so

SCORE: 23 out of 30


Oh my god she sounds just like her mom when she speaks! with the accent. I'm sorry but she was REALLY BAD, I mean it was very easy for me to spot her ALL her mistakes and it makes me think why? why? why would get on this show.  On the upside, I think she looked really pretty and the whole business outfit was clever and cute.  Also the judges went so easy on her.  I'm done with her, she can go next week.

SCORE: 19 out of 30


Florence Henderson: she curses! Like a trucker!  When I started watching I was like, ok she seems to be slow and uncomfortable, not sure how long she will last, then I heard she's 76 years old!  and she started looking better and better.  She's really likable and there's still all those Brady Bunch fans. When she was dancing though, her eyes were possessed, and not just as part of the dance, you could almost see her concentrating soooo hard.  I thought it was hilarious during the judging they called it "A mama Brady smack down".  By the way I love Corky, you know this man looks great, and he knows how to handle himself some cougars!

SCORE: 18 out of 30


What else can I say, please let him be the first eliminated!  Robotic with no rhythm, I guess the upside is that he can only get better right...or maybe not, yikes! I feel Chelsea always gets stuck with robots, poor thing, shout out to SYTYCD again!

SCORE: 16 out of 30


Greasy Hug

This guy seems too sleazy, when she said hi to him at the airport he was so oily and shiny.  I thought she should go home and take a shower, but it's all in perception you know.  I don't watch Jersey Shore so he could be a great guy, riiight... Back to the Situation, he was bad, yes I know he only had 5 days of rehearsal but I have a feeling he's not going to get that much better, he has only 7 days until next week, what's going to be his excuse then....How many clubs has he been in, he should have picked up a few moves.

SCORE: 15 out of 30

Let me talk for Karina for a moment, is it just me or do her lips seem plumper, it could just be my imagination, what do you think?  I really hope she doesn't ruin her face, she's so sexy, doesn't need any more help.

Does Karina have more juicy lips?

They did great, she has some ballroom experience, she probably had to work really hard for Dirty Dancing.  The moment where she remember Patrick Swayze during the rehearsal was really touching.  It's so crazy for me and I'm just a fan that he's not around, I cannot even imagine what it was like for her, I mean she worked and knew the man.  Sad...

SCORE: 24 out of 30



I was hoping for so much, she's funny she's edgy, and this was just cheesy.  I understand why they added humor, but it just didn't work here.  When they first started dancing I asked myself what the cape was for and then I was sorry I asked.  The music and tone of the dance was too serious to play jokes.  I hope she redeems herself the rest of the season.  I'm rooting for you girl!  and I really like Louie, hope he stays for a while.
SCORE: 15 out of 30



Oh My God!  This was hilarious!  It was so bad, it was good!  I think he was really funny and he had charisma, something that Michael Bolton was lacking.  I know this is a dance show, but come on, he was like an accident you can't stop watching.  He was like a German Elvis, gyrating left and right.  When it came to the steps, not so great.  I want more of the Hoff, I can't believe I just said that...  

SCORE: 15 out of 30

Overall, good start to the show, nothing can beat the crazyness of last season, but this was a good start, can't wait to see what happens each week.  Just a note what was up with Jamie Lee Curtis, looking like Tom Bergeron's shadow?  Random...maybe she's campaigning to be on next season!  I would love that!


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