Monday, September 20, 2010

Project Runway - A Rough Day on the Runway - 09-16-10

So I start this review deeply saddened by the fact that one of my favorites this season was, life continues...

This was one of my least favorite episodes, I love Jackie O. and I do believe she has inspired many, but I don't know, it feels for some reason there was something missing here that has nothing to do with her per se. Maybe it was the fact I felt the challenge was not THAT challenging. I might be wrong because some people failed miserably at simplicity (Andy, I'm talking to you).  Even after the outerwear twist was added, I was not impressed.

Right at the start we get to see Gretchen's best milkmaid's impression, she reminded me of Heidi's Got Milk? add or maybe a German beer girl...

Gretchen's milkmaid look.

I came to the conclusion that Valerie has lost her mojo, what other way to explain how great she started and the last few episodes have not been great ending with her at the bottom 2! Insane, I think she's so talented, if she doesn't do change moving forward I'm a afraid her demise in the competition will be soon. From the moment the show started I thought she was top 3, now, not so much...

Also I'm not sure why I never noticed or the show just edited it that way, but come on woman, believe in yourself!  Her indecisiveness was driving me nuts...

Moving on to this weeks designs:

Andy's design

I guess I am starting with the worst of the night, what was this about?  This was not only not inspired by Jackie O. at all, it was also horrible. I really like most of his stuff but he should have been in the bottom 2 this week. 

April's dress

First it's black, second it has weird fluffy sleeves that are different in a bad way.  I'm sorry, I don't like this at all.  I really wish that April would branch out, she's cool but it's not reflecting on most of her designs.  I'm also having a hard time believing this was inspired by Jackie O.

Christopher's design

I actually liked Christopher's design except for that strange extra fabric on her back.  It was fine, I wish he would have pushed the envelope a bit more. Also, why, why would he choose a fabric he has never worked with before, I feel that's a recipe for disaster.  It happens season after season and designers continue to do it. He was lucky his dress was nice or that could have gone really bad.  When Tim Gunn did his assessment of this outfit, he said the word "anemic", leave it to Tim to find the perfect word to describe an unfinished product.  When it came to the challenge, I think it met the requirements, it was sleek, classy, something someone like a modern Jackie O. could wear. 

Gretchen's look

and her inspiration...

Let's move on to Gretchen's design or what my husband would call the "Jedi Knight" cape...enough said about it...  Meanwhile, she seems to think she's better than everyone else, she mentioned that Mondo was missing the mark, and made sure to say that Ivy it's more a tailor than a designer.  Guess it was Gretchen who missed the mark, Mondo won the challenge and Ivy actually did well...for a change.  How about when she claimed the fabric Michael C. had in front of him, was touching, she was like 5 miles away, and was like "I'm using that", she's something else.  I think she's a good designer but she may need a some humble soup on her plate.  

Ivy's design

Finally, Ivy shows us why she made it to Project Runway.  The shirt and pants were very nice, I don't know about that jacket, it was a bit small and I ask myself if she really needed it.  She seemed to be concentrating a lot and work extra hard to pull this one off. The design had all these panels that I was not really able to see from my living room, but again the shirt was very nice.  She HAD to do well in this challenge, everything she makes it's super simple.  The styling made it look even nicer. Maybe I was too harsh on Ivy before, I just don't like mean people, which she is.

Michael C

Michael C's dress, the jacket was very nice but the dress was not something I thought really stayed with what the challenge.  I thought that was a very sexy cocktail dress, I mean, I could almost see a side boob when the model took off the jacket.  I have a feeling Michael C's 7 lives in Project Runway are running out.  I was utterly shocked that Michael D. was sent home before his namesake.

                                                                 Michael D.



Now on to Michael D's design.  I actually really loved his jacket, it was reminiscent of the classic Chanel tweed jacket which it's timeless, unfortunately he was fixated on this skirt and would not let go of it! to top it off once the model took off the jacket the fit of the shirt seemed to really blow off the judges gasket.  I thought it was OK.  It was not the most horrible thing on the runway but what do I know.  Michael D.  seemed fine with his departure, I have a feeling he was not working his 100% on this challenge, who knows, these designers are put through the ringer day in and day out, they are exhausted and I think Michael lost his vision.  Like Tim said, the skirt was his WATERLOO: a decisive defeat or failure.  Did Tim grow up in a  library, I mean I have to find the meaning to half the stuff he says on this show.

Mondo's design

What can I say about Mondo's design, it was great, stayed true to the challenge and to his style.  It was inspired by Jackie O. not just a copy cat.  I loved it, he deserved a win finally!  Look below to see why he almost outshined his model...

Valerie's design

Finally Valerie's design.  Like I mentioned before, I do think that she's lost her mojo and needs to get it back!  I have faith that she will, but this was kind of sad and the judges hated it.  What else can i say, it was kind of weird that she had the vest on top of the jacket.  Oh, also, I really love her sketches, they are so cool, just wish the outfit would have been just like it.


Thanks to BPR for suggesting I featured Mondo and what better time to start than this week! I mean he almost stole his model's thunder!  What I love about Mondo's style is the fact that he has an outfit inspiration and commits to it 100% percent..

So Mondo started with what I thought was an homage to season 7 winner Seth Aaron ...and in his own way getting that winner energy, but then I took a closer look and it was actually his homage to Mickey... I should have know better...

Then he moves on to what I call the denim Kangol look which reminded me of Boyz to Men or his pink version of LL Cool J:

At some point during the show he seemed to still be trying to work out his resort look, since he didn't do so well on it...somehow I think he would still fail at it, it's more golden girls thank resort...take a look for yourself:

But my favorite look of the night was his last outfit which was inspired but the Cotton Club.  He really went all out for this one...Heidi loved it so much she wanted to hear this outfit instead of his design.  I have a feeling Mondo knew he was going to win (his outfit was the best) and he chose to look extra special.

Lastly I would like to say farewell to Michael Drummond, you and your sleeveless shirts will be missed!


  1. Valerie def lost her mojo! Hope she gets it together soon! She was one of my favorites.

  2. Mondo's outfit reminded me of Pinocchio, sans the hat.

  3. Oh my God, you nailed it, he totally looks like pinocchio!