Thursday, September 9, 2010

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 15, 09-08-10

Of course the episode started with Tyra, speaking about what else: Tyra, and how she became a supermodel...yada, yada, yada, but I think everyone knows Tyra, loves to talk about herself.... I did enjoy seeing her pictures from childhood, she was kinda of cute, who would have thought she would turn into a self-centered monster.

I am glad that the winner of this season’s Top Model will be in the cover of Vogue Italia! Finally, these girls get what the show advertises...which is a career in modeling! Or at least a pic on a famous mag. Ok, so later on the mentioned the winner will also be signed to IMG modeling agency, so good for them! Finally it only took 15 cycles...

I will never get over the fact that these girls are still surprised to see the Jays...AND Tyra, they scream like crazy hyenas, but now on to the things I appreciate about this new season, Tyra did not make an appearance on a time machine or a back to the future outfit or dressed as a Disney princess. She brought it back to basics and I absolutely positively appreciate that. The show was fun to watch already, there was no need for some of those stunts

I could already tell you I did not like Vanessa, she's was a pageant girl, not high fashion, but most importantly her attitude seemed higher than thou, not surprised she did not make it past the first elimination.

Thank you Tyra for sending Kayla to wash her hair, those curls were super tacky...but she was cute, you know, coming from poverty and all... and how hilariouse was the fact that she had no sense of direction, take a look at the clip...


 We met the “lovely” Kacey, who was one of the girls eliminated at the start of cycle 11. You would think that she has learned some modesty from that experience, but it seems she came with her nails sharp and ready for a fight, she already put some girls on the spot, totally uncalled for...but of course I love it! Meanwhile was it just me or did her reaction seem really fake when she made it past the second elimination?


Oh God, and what was going on with the girl in the hat, I think her name was Rhianna, she was cute but I’m almost sure she time traveled from the 6o's where all they had in her country home was peace and love (and who knows maybe some ganja)...By the way they nicknamed her "Willow", enough said.


How about Esther, and her double G’s, she was hiding precious cargo underneath all those clothes! I actually really liked her, her look it’s very unique.

Liz, they mentioned she's on public assistance, can I just say, I want her to win already, she has a little daughter and lives in the ghetto, works 2 minimum wage jobs, attends school, I mean you go girl!


Let’s talk about Sara, the white rapper, listen girl we already have Kendra from “The Girl's Next Door” she’s already taken that spot!


Hmmmm how about the girl that hates semen, Kendal... first of all, if you have seen semen and know how it feels in your hands, I don't think she qualifies as being "pure", as she was described by Tyra, but I guess technically speaking it does, my bad. Also, Kendal...girl, you may not like boys, just sayin' (not that there's anything wrong with that).


Let’s get to Ann, who has the smallest waist! She looks like she's about to break in half, no to put her down because she’s naturally skinny, but damn, she looks quite fragile, Tyra liked her awkwardness, but I think she may just stay awkward. Ann, was one of the "quirky" girls, in general Tyra always loves these girls and thinks they can all be made top models (or saved by her from eternal dowdiness), but I don't remember any of them ever winning, I gotta say though she does remind me of Shandi (Season 2) who I never thought would make it to the top and if I remember right, she was top three. Maybe I don't completely disagree with Tyra on this choice.

How about the sisters, I can’t figure one from the other, two it’s not always better than may work against them, they are always going to be comparing them. Also, I think one of them was so excited to make it, she seem to have ‘the spirit” in her, I mean she was shaking up and down, left and right…she could not stop shaking!

I like Uma Thurman (Lexie), so I’m going to giver her lookalike a chance…


It was nice the girls got to party while they did the photo shoot and also there was a guest designer on this very first episode, they have really stepped up their game, right on time too.

I liked Chelsey, she was older than most models there, she seems more mature, and she's got that "model" look I think.


I also noticed that since they have really upped all the prizes, Tyra and the J's seem very serious, she's talking to them in a very low, yet stern voice…it was really funny actually. I'm going to leave you with the starting credits for this season so you can see everyone who made it.

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  1. I am so glad that Tyra left all that over the top tackiness at the beginning of the show. But of course we had our fill of superskinny chicks & drama. Put 3 girls in a room & there's gonna be drama! Smh. The only girl I liked so far was the girl from the hood with the 2jobs. I can't wait for the makeover episode. It's my Dave part! Loved ur comments!