Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lie to Me - Episode: Darkness And Light- 8/30/10

So first things first, Lightman and Gillian kissed! I know it was because they were "undercover" but finally! There’s been so much tension, at least from Lightman's side. Not that I would like to see them together, his character it’s not likeable at all...that said, at least this would bring some excitement to the show and I think for some reason it could work between the two of them.

I originally really liked the idea of this show, knowing what people say with their body language and facial expressions, but I'm not really sure how long I will continue to watch...they have to explain what the character’s expressions mean, and often times they do it as though the audience is not very smart, there's got to be a better way to tell us. Also, some episodes are ok, others are pretty bad. I think the show started realistic (as realistic as a man reading your face can be) and it has gone overboard. I know TV is TV and it's not going to be exactly "real life" but the show has gone to too far, I find it hard to believe most of the storylines and trust me, I am very flexible with my believable meter. I may actually continue watching if the show is in the summer since the options are limited.

Going back to this episode, I am so excited the daughter (forgot her name and she's not even listed on the show's site!) was so prominent in this episode, I really like her character and think she's a pretty good actress. The story on this episode was pretty light compared to some of the war episodes they had in the past, but it was pretty emotional. I had a hard time believing a daughter whose father it’s pretty much a nice guy will not even confront him before running away to work in porno, were things that bad? I mean come on, and how about when Gillian asked “your buried the memory” the girl knew right away what she was referring to? This is not something that everyone knows or maybe it’s just that I don’t know about it. Did she bury the memory? Or could it be that she was five and could not remember clearly.

The thing is, there's something missing, for some reason I fail to really connect with the characters, the stories, it all seems really contrived somehow. But I really like the end where father and daughter hugged. It reminded me of when you go through something that makes you think and appreciate those people around your life, who you love the most and hope nothing bad happens to them.

Oh wait, before I forget because I actually think I want to, what's up with the Ria and Loker kissing story line! Oh and whatever happened to her FBI boyfriend. I mean this came out of nowhere and I'm going to pretend it didn’t happen. It makes me feel the show does not know where it wants to go. Oh well…

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  1. i agree. the character development is weak. Sometimes predictable. The situations on the show are sometimes phony.