Friday, September 24, 2010

Hawaii Five-O - First Episode Ever (2010 Series Remake)

I never watched the original series, so I was not familiar with the premise of the show.  I wanted to watch it because it's based  in Hawaii. I figured, that would be a great place to live, with all the beaches; hence I had to watch!  Sorry if that doesn't make much sense but I really don't know how my brain functions. I think it was that ad campaign, I tell you, it was just so refreshing and I mean that literally.  Take a look...

I saved it on my DVR and figured it was probably one of those light crime shows that just pretty much are easy on the eyes but lacking on the substance, you know, in line with CSI: Miami...BOY WAS I WRONG!  and I am soo glad I was, I mean this show kicks ass!  Yes there were some cheese moments at the start when the conversation with the Governor took p (I think that's what she was) but the rest of the show had me at the edge of my seat...or bed.

Yes, I know the hot girl it's also a bit of stretch, but come one it's TV, we all need some eye candy...and that she was!

The good thing was that there was eye candy for everyone, I mean that Alex O'Laughlin  was pretty hot! 

and Daniel Dae Kim, never been really into the Asian guys, but he is fine!

I was really happy to Scott Caan in a juicy role, you know the divorced father, troubled cop, etc.  It's so much better than those run of the mill bad guys I've seen him in. 

There wasn't really any of that fluff, it was fast, gritty and action packed and it had a sense of humor.  I was hooked.  It felt like I was watching a one hour action movie with brains.  So I'm a fan and recommend that you watch if you like smart action shows.  This probably means I will not wait a whole week to watch it... Oh, and I also got to see some beatiful beaches on some of the show.  I hope it stays the same.

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  1. some of the lines were kinda corny, but i think it's needs time to develope. I'll give it a chance to see how the stories go.