Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dancing with the Stars - NEW CAST REVEALED!!

I am brimming with anticipation at the new season of Dancing with the Stars! So the cast was revealed yesterday, and they are:

David Hasselhoff: I really hope he doesn't try to drink to relax...

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino: People are either going to love him or hate him, I'm not that impressed with his six pack, am I the only one?

Bristol Palin: Ok, so this from the girl who claims that all her baby daddy wants it's the spotlight...good thing she doesn't...

Dirty Dancing, I mean Jennifer Grey: So I'm sooo excited to see her, maybe it's because I think it will take me back to those days when I was in love with Patrick Swayze and wanted to be baby really bad! I'm sure she's going to do well having been in this movie. Also, is it just me or every time you flip through the channels Dirty Dancing it’s playing on some station, it never fails, but I actually like that, have to stop and watch every time.

Michael Bolton: Not sure what I think of this one, I'm just grateful he's no longer sporting that strange hair that resembled a mop, imagine having to see that every week..phew! Also, it's hard to imagine a ballad singer you know, shaking their booty...

Brandy: I secretly love Brandy, I used to love all her songs when I was a teenager (so was she) I feel she deserves better and hopefully DWTS will do it for her, and you know they are probably going to dance a samba or something to "The Boy is Mine".

Kurt Warner: Who is this person? I apologize, but the only reason I'm into sports it's to ogle at cute guys, let's just say he's flying under my radar...But for just a moment can we go back to Ochocinco without his shirt...

Florence Henderson: I'm surprised she was not part of the show already, I feel like I see her everywhere! Also please do not stick poor Tony Dovolani with her, he deserves someone good after putting up with that Kate lady!

Rick Fox: Don't you love his name? I do think he's a fox and how much you wanna bet, he will be dancing with Edyta Sliwinska, she always gets the handsome guys.

Margaret Cho: Ok so I can't wait to root for her, I was surprised to hear she was part of the show, you know she's cool and funny, but I think she will really rock it. Go Cho!

Kyle Massey: Token young cast member...nothing else comes to mind but, oh wait can they bring "Raven" next year?

Audrina Patridge: I really don't care for this girl too much, not into The Hills, and she irks me a little bit, all I see are boobs when I look at her soooo who knows maybe when I see how she’s like on the show I can start to like her, but I have a feeling she will be another Kim Kardashian, which means she will be out within the first couple of weeks

I can’t wait for this new season, I don’t know, last season was so good it’s going to be hard for them to top it.


  1. what is audrina partridge doing there! ugh I agree shell be out soon...
    I love your blog btw :)