Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Closer - War Zone - 8/30/10

First of all this is one of my favorite shows of the summer, then again, I have quite a few.  I love the main character for the most part, she can be selfish and lack some perspective, but I can see where she comes from. Justice is her goal and she will do anything in her reach to get it.  So the show started with the shooting of 3 American soldiers and it goes on to try and solve what happened.  The episode was very interesting and leaving aside the serious part of this storyline there were a few other things that captured my attention, like:

1. What happened to agent Gabriel's mustache?
2. Why was his ex-girlfriend chosen to leave the team, why not him?
3. I really miss having another female on the team, but I guess this is a realistic portrayal of male to female ratio in the police business, or at least I hope it is...or maybe:
     a) They did not want to have more than one female on the show
     b) Her character was underdeveloped therefore not needed on the show
     c) Can't think of another...

Anyway back to the episode, my favorite part was the Army Major's sexist remarks to Fritzy about his wife...that was pretty funny and clever.  Overall not my favorite episode but solid, kind of an unexpected but good ending.  This is my first post, i promise I will try to get better at this...

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